Why This Site?

This is where I share a more of the personal side of who I am - particularly with those I teach and counsel. 

Social media are okay but they tend to be pretty limited in what you can say and show, and to whom you can say and show it. Here you can also investigate my professional credentials in greater depth both in academics and in my work outside of academics.

About my family

My dear wife, Lori, and I have lived and served together for over 28 years on three continents and we hope that we are not done. 
God has also blessed me with four daughters from whom I have learned a lot about myself, leadership, and life.
We are not an exemplary family if someone is looking for a kin with no warts. 
But I think, for the most part, we are honest with each other and work at living with each other's foibles... by God's grace.

About who I am ...

This one requires cup of coffee and some time face to face. I look forward to the invitation.

There is more on the other pages and at my other website. Take a look around by clicking on the links.